Every day, the men and women of the UK police service
risk their lives. To keep us safe, they risk their lives.
Day in. Day out.

That is why the public decided to set up the Police Dependants’ Trust.
Your support provides financial and welfare support to injured officers, and
their loved ones, when things go wrong. You ease the pressures police
families face when an officer has been killed or injured on duty, you help
them adapt to changes in their lives, and you support them when they
need it most.

But we need to do more. The rising threat of violence, injury, and even
death on duty has seen a sharp increase in the number of officers being
injured on a daily basis. You’ve seen it for yourself – hardly a day goes
by without the news covering the harrowing news that a police officer was
viciously attacked just for going to work.

You can’t control this, but together, we can make sure that every officer, and
their family, get the help and support they need today, tomorrow, and in the future.