UpBeat! 2018 conference announced

As part of its #welfarethatworks campaign, The Police Dependants’ Trust, has today announced the UpBeat! conference for 2018 focussed on improving wellbeing in frontline policing.

Taking place on March 13th 2018 in London, the conference is focussed on delivering practical solutions to the biggest problem in modern-day policing – the wellbeing of those on the frontline. Delivered by the Police Dependants’ Trust in partnership with the College of Policing, and featuring programmes currently in pilot stage in 10 different forces, this conference is a must-attend event for those involved in the commissioning, leadership, design, and implementation of wellbeing services at forces across the UK.

Police Dependants’ Trust CEO, Gill Scott-Moore, said, “Our work in getting the service to recognise its shortcomings in this area has been highly successful, but with thousands of officers not getting the welfare they need and deserve, we must do more.” The Trust published it’s year-long study on Injury on Duty last year which showed that whilst over 81% of officers have experienced at least one serious physical or psychological injury in the last five years, the support offered in-force failed to meet their needs leading to alarming numbers of people simply suffering in silence.

At the 2017 conference on post-traumatic stress in frontline policing, the Police Dependants’ Trust highlighted four key priorities for effectively tackling the issue.  This report has been well received by the service as a whole, and senior leadership are implementing the recommendations within it:

  • With the launch of the Oscar Kilo platform, individuals can now better manage their wellbeing, and supervisors can act upon it.
  • Changes are being made to the training of supervisors to include recognising and responding to the mental health needs of staff.
  • There are a number of screening projects being trialled across the Country, funded by the Police Dependants’ Trust 1in4 funds, to better recognise the support needs of individuals in at risk roles.
  • £7m from the Police Transformation Fund is being invested in a National Support Framework, which is currently being developed by the College of Policing.

Click here to book your place at this conference. Places for this conference are limited, and priority will be given to serving personnel from the 48 forces of the UK (43 territorial forces in England and Wales, Police Scotland, PSNI, and the infrastructure forces of BTP, CNC, and MoDP). Registrations submitted below will be reviewed and confirmed after the cut-off date of 20th January. All registrations will be acknowledged by 25th January.