Ambassadors hit the road promoting the Trust in a busy month for the PDT

It has been a busy time for our brilliant volunteer Ambassadors, who have been promoting the Trust’s work across the country.

In the last month alone, our Ambassadors have represented the PDT at the National Association of Retired Police Officers’ (NARPO) conference in Torquay, the Police Superintendents’ Association Conference in Leicester, the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham, five wellbeing events in Scotland and the North of England, and a series of team briefings across the South-East.

The NARPO conference on 7th September saw Ambassadors Paul Friday and Mike Baker (along with Volunteer Manager Claire Craigie) spread the word at the National annual gathering. Whilst talking to many of the 262 delegates and 100 observers, it became obvious that only a very small number knew about the Police Dependants’ Trust and delegates were keen to know more.

Trust volunteer manager Claire Craigie said, “It was a pleasure seeing our volunteers working together to raise awareness about the Trust; every connection our volunteers make with both the serving and retired police family means we can support more people affected by injury on duty. Our volunteers are invaluable to the work we do, and their help and support means we have been able to attend more events this year than ever before.”

Each visitor was offered a full explanation of the background and history of the PDT as well as details of what it could offer to those in need. There were some who, after learning of the care offered, proffered their own stories of injured officers and how the Trust, if known about at the time, would have been of great benefit to them and their colleagues. We are reaching out to some of them to make sure they are getting the support they need.

The 11th  September saw the Police Superintendents’ Conference in Leicester, attended by Ambassadors Chris Allen and Avra Wyke. The event covered important topics such as officer wellbeing, forced marriage and the affect of Brexit on modern policing. It also featured several high-profile keynote speakers, including Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick.

Both Chris and Avra spent ample time networking with guests and informing them about the work of the Trust. Chris later said, “We both get an enormous sense of wellbeing through volunteering at the Super’s conference. We know there are high ranking officers who are in need and the Trust can provide a service to those people and the colleagues they lead.”