Frequently Asked Questions


What is the criteria for registering with the Trust?

The Trust exists for the purpose of aiding officers who have been killed or injured on duty. By ‘injured on duty’ we mean an incapacitation injury or illness arising from the hazards or special nature of police work.

What is meant by the term Police Dependants?

A police dependant is a person who depends/depended on a police officer family member for support, aid or sustenance, especially financial support. So alongside an officer’s immediate family (including spouse/partner, child, step-child, or foster child) a dependant may also be, for example, an elderly relative for whom the officer is/was a carer.

Does an officer have to donate to the Trust to be eligible for support?

No. Once we know an officer and/or their dependants meet the Trust’s criteria, support is considered on the basis of need.

Please note the Trust does rely on donations from the police family and the wider public to fund its work and so all donations are gratefully received.


How do I apply for support?

Anyone seeking financial support from the Trust must first be registered. Please contact us to request a copy of the relevant form by calling 020 8941 6907 or click here to send us an email.

I am aware that I am eligible for support from the Trust and even though I don’t need it at present I have been advised to register. Why is that?

We strongly advise that any officer who suffers an injury on duty registers with the Trust immediately regardless of whether they need support at that time. The reason for this is that should an injured officer need support in the future, their prior registration will help to speed up their application for a grant. Often when an officer or their dependants need support, their need is urgent and there have been recent cases where early registration has reduced the time it has taken to process a subsequent grant application.

Can I apply for more than one type of grant at a time?

It is possible to apply for more than one grant at a time. It is also possible to apply for different grants over a longer period of time, provided the needs of the applicant can be demonstrated.

I have completed the application form in full but would like to provide additional supporting information/material. Is this possible?

Any additional information which will help the Trustees to reach a decision on an application is welcomed. It is also important to note that withholding information requested by the Trust may result in an application being declined.


How are funding decisions made?

Completed application forms are received at the Trust office where they are checked (to ensure they have been completed fully) and logged on our system. The applications are then put forward for consideration by our Trustees at their regular Management Committee meetings. These meetings normally take place at least six times each year. The Trustees consider each application on a needs basis.

When will I hear about the progress of my application?

Generally applications are received, processed and concluded within twelve weeks. The exception to this is those cases which are deemed as emergencies; such cases will be dealt with as swiftly as possible.

By what method are grants paid?

All of our grants are issued in the form of a cheque.

I have been turned down for support on this occasion. Will I be able to apply again in the future?

Applicants can reapply for support at any time but the subsequent application should demonstrate a greater need for support or a change in circumstances.


Following my injury award, I retired to Spain. Am I still eligible to apply for a grant?

Yes. Grants are not restricted to those individuals who are living in the UK.

What happens when an officer from one force retires to another force area having received an injury award?

This scenario does not normally pose a problem but we suggest you call the Trust office directly on 020 8941 6907 so we can assist you further.


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