This information is designed as a quick reference guide to the grants that are available from the Trust. If you require more detailed information, or wish to discuss a specific case, do contact us.

We provide support to officers who have been injured on duty, and to the families of those officers who have lost their lives in the line of their police work. This support includes:

  • welfare assistance in times of crisis and to help meet unexpected expenses i.e. furniture and household appliances, and essentials like food and clothing
  • specialist equipment such a mobility vehicles to enable injured officers to remain independent or to participate in sports and hobbies to improve their quality of life
  • adaptations to a disabled officer/former officer’s home to support independent living
  • contributions towards training to access new career opportunities following ill-health retirement as a result of injury
  • contributions towards the costs of children’s extra-curricular activities

You can read more in our revised application guidance notes. Please note that applications for grants can be submitted at any time but all applicants must first register with the Trust.

It should also be noted that as part of its legal obligations, the Board of Trustees has a duty to set and regularly review the criteria on which financial assistance is made. Each request for assistance is considered on its merit in accordance with the Trust’s criteria. An application that results in financial assistance being granted has no influence on the eligibility or otherwise of any future application the beneficiary may make and should not be looked upon as a guarantee of future support.

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