Are you getting enough?

Police in Staffordshire are now better equipped to tackle sleep deprivation thanks to a sleep awareness project funded by the Police Dependants’ Trust. The ‘Are You Getting Enough?’ programme was run in January as part of Staffordshire Police Force’s Sleep Awareness Month.

Funding for the project was approved in 2016 after a survey found that 82 per cent of the Force’s shift working police were suffering from ‘poor sleeping’.  Not getting enough shut-eye is significantly associated with increased risk of adverse health, performance and safety outcomes in police officers.

During the project over 80 police officers, PCSOs and police staff in Staffordshire Police Force attended the two hour seminars, which coached them on improving sleeping habits, resilience and stress management, factors that contribute to a lack of shut-eye.

In addition to the sessions, members of the Force could access a variety of factsheets and digital resources on how to improve sleeping habits. A sleep survey assessing sleep patterns and producing recommendations was also made available.

Speaking of the project, Suzannah Hollinshead, a Health and Wellbeing Nurse at Staffordshire Police Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare department, said that the project had improved Force’s understanding of needs of its officers, staff and PSCOs.

“The project has provided us with a foundation to build on with regards to advising and supporting our staff who have problems with sleep and planning future services,” she said. “It has enabled us to better access the needs of our staff who work shifts and what information services with benefit them.”

Suzannah also said that attendee’s positive feedback and eagerness for more information meant that a second project had begun.