Former officer saved from the streets

A retired police officer from Scotland has thanked the PDT for saving him from homelessness.

Long-term ill health led to 43 year old Thomas Paterson being put onto ‘no pay’ at work. Initially he received state benefits but after a change in criteria left him ineligible for support, he quickly fell into financial difficulties. Thomas received a home visit from his force Fund Liaison Officer who was appalled by the difficulties he and his young family were facing, and helped him to apply for a grant from the Trust. This enabled him to pay his rent and meet essential bills. Thomas has since received further support from the Trust and, following medical retirement two years ago, he is now getting his life back together. As is the case for many of the individuals and families we support, Thomas was initially reluctant to seek help:

“I had reservations,” he said. “I had paid into all the police charities throughout my 20 year career, thinking that if I died on duty and my family needed money, they would be looked after. I didn’t realise what help was there for people in my situation. “I received a grant on three occasions and each time I was destitute, so I can’t praise the PDT highly enough. I went from sitting in a cold damp flat with no heating, to being able to afford to pay bills.“I would encourage anyone who is facing the difficulties I did to speak to somebody from the PDT and find out what help there might be.”

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