Help and advice

Self-support techniques after a traumatic incident

It is common to experience a series of challenging incidents, one after the other. Here, we offer tips and coping strategies which may be helpful for different people at different times for different types of incident.

Choosing a new career after the police

Changing careers at any stage in your work life can daunting. Recognising that you are ready for a new start is the first step towards what can be an enlightening and exciting journey. Here we have pulled together some top tips to help you explore your options and see a future beyond your current role.

Five tips for dealing with workplace anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most important mental health issues in policing. Get some top tips on dealing with workplace anxiety.

Taking the policing brain on holiday

Its not always easy to simply switch off, just because the calendar says it’s time to. Here are some suggestions to help policing minds press ‘pause’.

Supporting loved ones after a major incident

Supporting a loved one who has been involved in a major incident can be challenging for families and friends. Here is some useful information that helps to explain what to expect.