For organisations

As well as supporting individual officers, the Police Dependants’ Trust funds other organisations to provide better support for individuals in need following injury on duty, or those at risk of injury on duty.

We do this through a series of specific grant programmes available to forces targeted at areas of greatest need:

Organisation grant programmes

Wellbeing grants

Wellbeing Grants encourage local initiatives aimed at improving health and wellbeing of police officers and staff.

1in4 mental health and wellbeing

£3m has been made available to police forces to stimulate innovation and develop the capacity and capability within police forces to support the wellbeing of police officers and other frontline staff.

Secure mental health treatment

Funding is available to police forces where an officer requires in-patient mental health care in the unlikely event they are sectioned or are at risk of being sectioned under the Mental Health Act. We do not provide direct funding to the officer, their families, or clinics. On the very rare occasion when an officer is […]

National Welfare Contingency Fund

The National Welfare Contingency Fund is a £250,000 fund that has been made available by the Police Dependants’ Trust to support the mental health needs of police officers following a major terrorist, or other national, incident. The fund will allow all affected officers to have a personalised care plan following a major incident such as [...]

Recently funded programmes

Police Scotland gets double wellbeing package

The nest opens in Paisley, finally solving the problem of no space for officers and staff to process stressful events, or be privately debriefed.

Are you getting enough?

Police in Staffordshire are now better equipped to tackle sleep deprivation thanks to a sleep awareness project funded by the Police Dependants’ Trust.

Backup Buddy launched in Surrey & Sussex

Police Dependants’ Trust grant funds new app supporting positive mental health.

Mental health training in Greater Manchester

Over 900 police officers have received training in stress management after attending wellness seminars funded by the Police Dependants’ Trust.

Lancashire police contemplation room opens for stressed officers

Funded by a wellbeing grant from the Police Dependants Trust thanks to an application from PC Tim Dodgson

New trauma resilience programme at Gwent

£150,000 from the 1in4 fund awarded to Gwent by the Police Dependants’ Trust.

Project supporting resilience coaches funded in GMP

£150,000 from the 1in4 fund to deliver much needed support to their network of over 120 wellbeing peer volunteers.