For police personnel

The Police Dependants’ Trust is there for everyone injured on duty as a result of their policing role, for life. It may be an historic injury, with support only now being needed, but we can only help at the point of application and not for historical need or assistance. Accessing support from the Police Dependants’ Trust is in two stages:

Support available

Before applying for support from the Police Dependants’ Trust, you must first register with the Trust. To find out more about how to register, click here.

Case studies

Apply for help

1. Register with the Trust

Once you have registered with the trust, you will be able to make as many applications as you need to over your lifetime. It is a one-off process, and covers you and your loved ones.

As part of your registration, the Police Dependants’ Trust will need to verify the injury with the employing force (see FAQ’s for more details), and the registration cannot be completed until this is verified. That is why we encourage everyone who suffers an injury on duty to register with the Trust as soon as practicable, because it means that we can process any future applications much quicker.

2. Make an application

Making an application for assistance from the Trust involves filling in a form outlining what the application is for, what it involves, and what you need. You can make as many applications as you wish and, so long as it fits within our published eligibility criteria, it will be put to the grants panel for their decision (usually 4-6 weeks after submission).

For more details, please contact our support team on 020 8941 6907.