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As part of our campaign to deliver #welfarethatworks for those injured on duty, the Police Dependants’ Trust is leading on research in the field. Whether it be on the number of officers injured on duty, the severity of injuries sustained, treatment and care, or on minimising risk of trauma, the Police Dependants’ Trust is supporting a range of research projects, all of which will be shared here.

Trauma resilience in UK policing

The world’s first research project exploring the impact of trauma on the policing brain, and developing effective programmes to support the brain’s ability to process trauma exposure and maintain resilience.

Upbeat! London 2018 Conference

The 2nd annual conference on wellbeing, with input from John Sutherland, Police Sport UK, College of Policing, and the NPCC, as well as wellbeing projects from across the UK funded by the Police Dependants’ Trust.

Post-traumatic stress in frontline policing

Developed in conjunction with 150 policing and wellbeing experts from across UK policing, there are four key recommendations to address the issue of post-traumatic stress in frontline policing.

Injury on duty

  At the end of 2015, we funded a piece of research to look at the gaps that exist in support when police officers and staff are injured on duty. The purpose of doing this was to influence our grants programme and the wider support we provide, so we can be sure we are doing what’s […]