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Tim Jackson QPM

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The Police Dependants’ Trust was formed by the public over fifty years ago with a clear mission: to provide a lifeline to officers injured on duty and to take care of loved ones left behind when killed on duty.

It’s a solemn promise we continue to offer every serving officer working in any of the 48 police forces of the UK because of people like you. Thanks to the dedicated support of the people up and down the country, we continue to provide targeted support and financial assistance to every police officer and their family in need. Sadly that need is increasing.

110 police officers will be injured on duty… today. And another 110 tomorrow, and another 110 the day after that. 110. Every Day.

They will kiss their family goodbye, put on their uniform, and step into the unknown to protect the public from harm. They don’t know if the next call for help they respond to will see them attacked, beaten, mown-down, stabbed, or even be their last.

That is the danger police officers face each and every day. While everyone else runs from danger, these brave men and women run towards it – putting themselves in harms way for us. That is why the lifeline that the Police Dependants’ Trust provides is so important.

As a serving officer, knowing that there is a charity there for you, for life, when you need it, is a source of comfort. Having someone to turn to after injury on duty provides relief. And knowing there is someone there for your loved ones, whatever happens, provides reassurance in uncertain times. This is what the Police Dependants Trust means to the police officers putting on their uniform every day.

It is also why your support of the Police Dependants’ Trust is more vital than ever before. More officers are living with the physical and psychological injuries of policing than ever before, and their family members are suffering too. There has been a significant increase in the number of people needing help from the Police Dependants’ Trust in recent years, and we are expecting many more.

That is why I ask you consider becoming a friend of the Police Dependants’ Trust. As well as being an ambassador for this important and worthwhile charity, your support and contribution will ensure that injured officers in need get the dignity in recovery that they deserve, that loved ones get the support and comfort from those who understand, and that the brave men and women know they can still rely on the Police Dependants’ Trust in their greatest hour of need.

Thank you.

Tim Jackson QPM
Chairman, Police Dependants’ Trust

Ps. Details about how to become a friend can be found below as well as stories from people who have been helped by the support provided by our Friends.

Your £40 annual membership will change the lives of police officers and their families in your local area.

When you become a friend you will receive a welcome pack, as well as regular updates and a progress report about our plans in your area. We will also put you in touch with the local coordinator to find out about activity coming up in the future.

The Friends programme is still very new at the Police Dependants’ Trust, but we are growing our group, and will be setting up Friend’s groups in your area that you can get involved with.

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