Lancashire police contemplation room opens for stressed officers

Lancaster police station has opened a dedicated quiet room for stressed officers and staff after being awarded a wellbeing grant from the Police Dependants’ Trust.

The ‘Contemplation Room’ offers a calm and relaxing space for visitors to unwind away from their desks. Since its opening last month, the room has been used daily and has had a profound effect on the wellbeing of officers and staff.

Use of the room has resulted in staff not reporting sick, not going home stressed and coming to work happier knowing there is a place they can go to have 10 or 20 minutes quiet time away

Lee Taylor, a volunteer for the Police Dependants’ Trust.

The room, which was funded by the Trust, features sofas, coloured lighting, a lightbox  and a ‘Star Light’ that transforms the room into a scene from outer space. There is also a sound system and Bluetooth headsets so visitors can listen to music out load or on their own.

As well as those looking to unwind, the space is also used by officers and staff who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The Contemplation Room was opened after PC Tim Dodgson of Lancaster Police suffered from a mental breakdown. After returning to work PC Dodgson said he wanted to create that would help improve the wellbeing of his colleagues.

I was determined to do something positive following on from what was a negative experience with my mental health. I wanted to create a space that would cater for as many people’s needs as possible. Many outside influences affect our staff when they’re at work, and now they can seek help with that whilst at work.

The Police Dependants’ Trust provided a £3,000 Welfare Grant to fund the room, which was officially opened on 1 November.